Gourmet Coffee Truck | Raleigh, North Carolina


Raleigh, Nc, the city of chasing your dreams…and the occasional coffee truck.

Lindsey and I have always had an obsession for coffee and a heart for people. It’s these passions that led to our creation of the Brew Box – a mobile specialty coffee truck. We craft the finest coffee in Raleigh with hopes of bringing together all of our friends – old and new. Come check us out and start your morning with a fresh, local brew. We can’t wait to meet all of you amazing people!

Nick and Lindsey Gresock – Founders / Your Favorite Brewistas

caffeine please


Drip Coffee __________ $2.50 / $3.00

Batch Brewed Coffee – 12, 16 oz

Cold Brew __________ $3.00

Batch Brewed Iced Coffee – 16 oz


Latte __________ $4.00

Espresso and milk – 12 oz


Espresso __________ $3.00

Double Shot of Espresso – 2 oz


Cortado __________ $3.25

Espresso and Steamed Milk – 4 oz


Cappuccino __________ $3.75

Espresso and Steamed Milk – 6 oz

tea please


English Breakfast (Black)  __________ $3.00

Hot or Iced – 12 oz


Chamomile (Herbal)  __________$3.00

Hot or Iced – 12 oz


Earl Grey (Black)  __________$3.00

Hot or Iced – 12 oz


Jasmine (Green)  __________$3.00

Hot or Iced – 12 oz

the more the merrier


Hot Chocolate  __________ $3.00

Steamed Milk and Mocha Sauce – 12 oz


Chai Latte  __________ $3.00

Milk and Chai Concentrate – 12 oz


Milk Steamer  __________ $2.75

Hot or Iced – 12 oz


We have options


Syrup Flavors  __________ $0.75

Vanilla, Mocha, Seasonal


Milk Alternatives  __________ $0.70

Almond, Oat 



If you’re anything like us, you’re going to want coffee at all of your shindigs. And if you’re looking for the best coffee and the greatest memories, then we’re the truck for you!

We provide service to the Raleigh metropolitan area and its surrounding cities – Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Holly Springs and Apex. Send us some details so we can make all of your wildest coffee dreams come true!

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